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Hadar Designers 9K/14K Gold Wedding Ring Band 6,7,8,9 Exclusive Handmade (I r133

$479 $599

A beautiful new HANDMADE wedding ring from Hadar Designers Collection. This 9mm wide textured from the outside and polished from the inside. This Labeled and stamped beauty will be sent to you with a simple modern recycled brown gift box. (ll stains, if are any, are due to camera).

vailable in yellow and in rose gold. sk me...vailable also in wider and in a narrower version. sk me... * this price here is for 9k gold. If you want 14k gold ask me for it's price. A R T I S T I C !


! Size: any up to size 9 (size 9 and up + additional price. sk me...) Width: 9mm * this price is for 9k gold. If you want it in 14k gold ask me for the price. (1inch=2.54cm=25.4mm)

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