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Hadar Designer Turquoise Stud Earrings Handmade 14k Yellow Gold F 10mm Round (v

$75 $89

You are looking at a pair of 14k yellow gold filled NEW stud earrings from Hadar Designers Collection with 10mm round  Turquoise . This beauty will be sent to you with a recycled brown gift box. (All stains, if are any, are due to camera).

Available with many other diameters. Ask me...

You are buying here only the earrings. 

Pendant is available too. Ask me...

Here's a short explanation what is 14k gold-filled:

Pure gold is 24K and too soft to be used by itself. 

Solid gold is pure gold (24K) alloyed with a base metal which determines its Karat: 22K/18K/14K/9K.

14K Gold filled is a 14K solid gold alloyed with a base metal and make solid gold that is less than 9k and therefore not permitted to be called "GOLD" though it has the color of solid gold and it behaves exactly like solid gold.

Gold plated is a result of a chemical process creating just a few microns on top of the base metal.                      

 14k gold-filled is not gold plated in any way. 

I use only 14K gold-filled.  14K gold-filled looks and behaves just like 14K solid gold

There is also 9K gold filled but we don't use it.


      B E A U T I F U L    


 Turquoise: 10mm


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 you'll love it 



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